Labour and Green supporters swap votes to keep out the Tories.

Total pledges: 22800 | Total swaps: 21434 | Awaiting matches: 1366

Labour and the Greens have different policies and they stand against each other. But many of their supporters share similar values. And if they have one thing in common it is not wanting to wake up after the election to a Conservative prime minister.

But our unfair first-past-the-post electoral system means many voters are torn between voting for the party they most support or voting for the candidate most likely to stop the election of a Tory MP.

This site does two things:

  • It tells you what kind of constituency you live in. Is it a target seat for Labour or the Greens? Or is it such a safe seat that your vote will not affect the result?
  • It lets you pledge to swap your vote. If you’re a Green in a Labour target seat you can pledge to vote Labour to keep a Tory out. In return a Labour supporter in a seat that Labour is unlikely to win or lose pledges to vote Green, ‘lending’ their vote to a seat where it will make a difference. The national vote share does not change, but the number of Tory MPs goes down.