We’re a volunteer team trying to create something new. We don’t get everything right, and in the spirit of groups like Campaign Bootcamp we try to be open about our mistakes and to learn from them.

Failing to allow for seats that are neither “marginal” nor “safe”

22 April 2015

When we launched we tried to classify almost every seat as either marginal or safe. With hindsight we should have made more allowance for seats that sit in the grey area between, and where we do not advocate swapping one way or the other – especially in such an unpredictable election. To make amends we have reclassified a further 12 seats accordingly, and notified anyone who pledged to swap prior to that. To see which seats fit into each category, take a look at the Vital statistics page.

Misclassified seats and Brighton Pavilion

15 April 2015

VoteSwap launched quietly on Friday 10 April and within 24 hours had received tens of thousands of visits. This was gratifying but also meant we had to fix some basic errors in public.

While response to VoteSwap was overwhelmingly positive, two types of criticism stood out. Some Labour supporters felt we had wrongly classified a small number of seats as safe when they were in fact marginal (or too close to call one way or the other).

And some Green supporters complained that our policy of being neutral whenever a seat was a target for both Labour and the Greens meant that we failed to take into account the special status of Brighton Pavilion as the only seat currently held by the Greens and the party's sole foothold in Parliament.

On reflection, we felt both complaints had merit. In the case of the former we reassessed all of our safe seats (almost 400) and reclassified 16 of them. We also removed any prior vote swapping pledges associated with those seats, and informed and apologised to those who had pledged.

In the case of the latter we switched from declining to facilitate vote swapping in Brighton Pavilion to suggesting Labour supporters vote Green there in exchange for Green supporters voting Labour in Labour targets elsewhere.

Autocorrect fail in Doncaster North

11 April 2015

An automatic text substitution meant we listed the MP for Doncaster North as "Ed MiLiberal Democratand". (h/t Joe Lynch)