IMPORTANT: The information given below relates to the 2015 election. For up-to-date advice on tactical voting in 2017 go to Progressive Alliance.

​About us

VoteSwap was created by Clifford Singer, Joe Cox, Huw Jordan and Jacqui Howard. Special thanks to Suki Ferguson, Deborah Grayson, Ben Little, Becky Luff, Hannah Martin, Rebecca Newsom, Marloes Nicholls, Katie Welford and Dan Vockins. Some of us back Labour, some of us are Greens, and some are agnostic, but we all want to stop another Tory government. The site has not received funding and all of our contributions are in a voluntary and personal capacity.

VoteSwap is not affiliated to any formal political organisation or party. Neither the Labour nor Green parties condone tactical voting of any kind.

Because this election is more volatile and less predictable than many of recent decades, we recognise that forecasts may change. Please do get in touch if you think we need to update our advice or have made a mistake.