Media coverage

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Radio New Zealand, 8/5/15

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Britten omzeilen 'oneerlijk' kiesstelsel
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Tactical voting and the alternative vote in 2015
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Vote swapping sites expected to attract more than13,000 people on election day
Mirror, 4/5/15

Thousands Plan To Swap Votes Using Websites
Sky News, 4/5/15

The Wright Stuff
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Is social media trivialising politics?
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Tactically vote swapping is a "massive ray of hope"
BT News, 19/4/15

Do you think your vote will be wasted? You could try swapping it with someone in a marginal seat
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Citizens UK makes Westminster’s politicians face power of the people
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Until we fix our broken electoral system, I'm helping progressives beat the Tories by swapping their votes
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Britain’s rotten electoral system means that once again it’s nose-peg time
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Websites offer constituency swap to help tactical voters
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'VoteSwap' website highlights the flaws of Britain's voting system
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Labour and Green supporters “vote swap” to topple Tories
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This Website Helps Green Voters To Swap Their Votes With Labour Voters To Keep The Conservatives Out
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